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Your Second Visit to Driscoll Chiropractic Care Clinic

office desk with x-rays in background

Explanation of Diagnosis

If you did not receive treatment on your first visit, more information was needed to diagnose your musculoskeletal condition(s).

If radiographs were required, the films will be reviewed with you by Dr. Driscoll on your second visit. Once you have completed the x-ray appointment please notify our office so that Dr. Driscoll can sign on to the server at the x-ray facility to review your images.  There is no need to bring films from the x-ray facilities that we use as Dr. Driscoll connects with them digitally.  A radiologist will also review the films and send us a report within a few days.

Dr. Driscoll will explain the diagnosis for each condition and review your consent to receive treatment. Any questions or concerns you may have will be addressed. It may take 30 minutes to review the above radiographs and explain the diagnoses and review consent and provide treatment.

Treatment Plan

If you did receive treatment on your first visit, your second visit will follow the treatment plan that was discussed with you on your first visit. The time for the second visit will depend on what treatment is required.

If laser therapy is required for anti-inflammation then treatment could take up to 30 minutes. If electrical therapy or myofascial therapy is required to treat hypertonic muscles in addition to joint adjustments then 15 to 20 minutes may be required for your appointment.


Once you have finished with Dr. Driscoll, you will proceed to the front desk where Judi will have you sign your file and any paperwork that may be needed for reimbursement. Depending on the extended health insurance coverage you have, you may be required to pay unless they pay us directly.

Judi will work with you to reserve a convenient appointment time for your next appointment.

Please contact our Thorold office to schedule your appointment.


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