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Regular Visits

For a typical appointment, you should allow 15 to 30 minutes depending on what treatment is required.

Judi will welcome you when you enter the office. If she is busy helping another person, have a seat in the reception room and she will greet you as soon as possible. She will let you know what treatment room to go to when your turn arrives. Once you are in the treatment room try to think about your progress with care and what changes you may be feeling in your condition.


Dr. Driscoll will inquire about your progress with treatment and discuss any recommendations that may help you recover. After this discussion you will be asked to lie down on the treatment table so that Dr. Driscoll can assess any improvements in your joint or muscle condition.

Treatment will be administered according to what is needed and how you are presenting. Dr. Driscoll will discuss with you any changes that may be needed in your treatment. For the most part, subsequent treatments could involve spinal or extremity adjustments and therapy for the soft tissue component of your condition (if applicable). Soft tissue therapy could involve various electrical therapies, or laser therapy, or myofascial muscle therapy, stretching and therapeutic exercise.

Please contact our Thorold office to schedule your appointment.


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