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Oh my aching Bunions!

Bunions! Why wait until the problem gets so bad that you require surgery to correct the deformity around the great toe.  Many sufferers of this problem wait too long to do something about it.   Once osteoarthritis sets into the joint of the great toe your problems will worsen.  It will affect the way that you walk and this could lead to a limping gait, knee pain, hip pain and low back pain.  The key is to be proactive and start correcting the misalignment of the great toe early.

Call us right away if you see your great toe deviating (or bending) towards the other toes.  At first, this will appear only as a cosmetic problem, whereas the painful symptoms due to developing arthritis frequently occur in later years.  We will use laser to reduce the inflammation around the joint and immediately start bracing to hold the great toe into better alignment.  This brace is worn in the evening while sleeping and can also be worn during activity through the day.  It can be worn in almost any shoe and allows for flexion of the great toe while returning the foot to its natural anatomical alignment.  Don’t delay caring for this.  A little prevention now can save a lot of pain later!

If you know someone with this problem inform them about what you know as you could save them from experiencing pain later.

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